On April 8th 2018, the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon in Trafford will see approximately 12,000 runners run through the streets of Greater Manchester. In order to facilitate an event of this size, we need to close some roads in order to allow the runners to move safely around the course.


Full details of the 2018 road closures will be published nearer to race day, but in the meantime please feel free to have a look through the 2017 road closure and diversion information to give you an idea of which roads will be affected.

Full details of the 2017 road closure times can be downloaded here for reference.


To help those people that need to make a journey on marathon day, we have put together a detailed diversion map to help you navigate around the road closures. The areas affected have been broken down by area and there are brief instructions for each of those areas directing you to a major road from where you can continue your journey.


Should you require more detailed information for a particular zone on the map, please follow the links below. Check the map to see which zone you are in and then click the link below.

Zone:  1  1a  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12   13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20


Spectator Hotspots
Experience over the past few years has shown that some locations are spectator hotspots. We recommend that you do not attempt to drive to these vibrant areas, instead we suggest you walk to them or use the tram.

  • Talbot Road (approach to finish)
  • Brooklands Road / Marsland Road / Hope Road
  • Timperley Village
  • Altrincham

The A56 southbound will be closed:

  • 05.00 – 11.00 Bridgewater Way to Green Street, Streford
  • 09.00 – 14.00 Sibson Road to Woodhouse Lane

Traffic travelling west on Edge Lane will not be able to use the A56 southbound until after 11.00. The A56/Edge Lane northbound junction will remain closed until 16.00The A56 northbound will be closed:

  • 05.00 – 11.00 Edge Lane to Bridgewater Way. A two way system will allow access to and from Gorse Hill estate via Thomas Street and Davyhulme Road East.
  • 09.00 – 14.00 Park Road to Woodhouse Lane - residential access only
  • Residents on the east of the A56 near Eastway / Walton Road will be allowed access using Langdale Road

There is access onto the A56 in both directions at various points both north and south bound (including on and off of the M60), but this is restricted by the above closures.
Our advice would be to consider using use the outer diversion route, A57 or A5103 Princess Road to avoid major disruption to your journey.

M60 Junction 7 (06.00 – 12.00)

Access on and off the M60 at junction 7 will be restricted but will not affect your journey.
Traffic wishing to travel south east will be directed north on the M60 to junction 8 where it can then use the slip roads to rejoin the M60 to travel south.
Traffic wishing to leave the M60,which is travelling north west on the M60, will be directed north on the M60 to junction 8, where it can then use the slip roads to rejoin the M60 to travel south to leave at junction 7.

Parking Restrictions
We would ask you not to park on the race route and there are parking restrictions in place between 18.00 on Saturday 7th April through to 18.00 on Sunday 8th April on the following roads.

Brian Statham Way, Stretford

East Union Street, Stretford

Henrietta Street, Stretford

St. Johns Road, Stretford

Kings Road, Stretford

Sherton Road, Stretford

Ayres Road, Stretford

Ashfield Road, Sale

Claremont Road, Sale

Chapel Road, Sale

Broad Road, Sale

Temple Road, Sale

Derbyshire Road

Brooklands Road, Sale

Aimson Road East, Timperley

B5165 Stockport Road, Timperley, Altrincham

B5165 Stockport Road, Timperley, Altrincham

Seymour Grove, Timperley

A560 Stockport Road/Woodlands Road Timperley, Altrincham

Woodlands Parkway, Altrincham

Wellington Road, Altrincham

A6144  Marsland Road, Sale

B5166 Ashton Lane, Sale

B5166 Carrington Lane, Sale

A6144 Harboro Road, Sale

Moss Lane, Sale

Manor Avenue, Sale

Carrington Lane, Sale

B5158 Carrington Road, Urmston 

B5213 Church Road, Urmston

B5213 Stretford Road, Urmston

B5213 Urmston Lane, Urmston


Full details on No Parking times can be downloaded here. 


The closures will be in place for as short a time as possible and we will help as much as we can. We thank you for your support and understanding. 

The spectator support on the route is now legendary in the running community and we would like this year to be even better.  If you can, please come out and cheer the runners on and help us to retain the title of the UK’s Best Marathon. Full spectator details will be available soon.