Manchester marathons 1908-2002

by Ron Hill and Neil Shuttleworth 

ron.jpgDr Ron Hill MBE and Neil Shuttleworth have worked together to produce a 282 page book tracing the history of the various marathon races held over nearly a century in or around Manchester.

The book sets out to describe the development and history of the marathons in Manchester, beginning with the first race held in Manchester in March 1908, as the northern trial for the 1908 London Olympics (won in a 1:50:23 dash - it was just 19 miles long!), and finishing with the 35th in October 2002. There is a good deal of statistical information, and the authors make use of contemporary newspaper and club sources, as well as personal material contributed largely by Dr Ron himself.

The period covers almost the entire period of development of the modern marathon race and the two authors use the Manchester series of races as a paradigm of progress in the marathon event. Reading the book gives a clear view of how marathon racing and attitudes to the distance have changed throughout the century or so of its existence in Manchester.