We know that our course is one of the flattest in the UK (with only 54m of gain) and any runner can get a very fast time at the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon. Take a look at the elite field of atheletes that will be running on April 8th. 





First Name Surname Gender Qualifying time
Julie Briscoe F 02:39
Katie White F 02:42
Stuart Sharp M 02:30
Sean Hehir M 02:16
Mark Dunham M 02:28
Ben Johnson M 02:22
Shona McIntosh F 02:47
Scott Harrington M 02:28
Gregory Roberts M 02:24
Gemma Connolly F 02:46
Mark Ryan M 01:08
Dani Nimmock F 02:48
Alison Rowatt F 02:45
Patrick Martin M 02:22
Thomas Stevens M 02:27
Megan Crawford F 02:40
Tom Charles M 02:23:55
Matt Rees M 02:29
Andrew Grant M 1:55 20mile
Andreas Mcconville M 02:27:31
Julia Davis F 02:39
Holly Rush F 02:37
Alun Myers M 02:29:16
Gareth Lowe M 02:27
Mark Rushbrook M 02:28:59
Jane Ann Meehan F 02:50
Tom Payn M 02:26
Shona Crombie-Hicks F N/A Previous winner
Craig Palmer M 02:30:46
Rob Pope M 02:27:15
Gareth Raven M 02:24
Joel Jameson M 02:30